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Who We Are

Our Story

Since 2003 all of us here in the Hucker family, have been producing the best quality Apple Cider Vinegar.

We believe that how a person cares for their livestock and pets says a lot about a person and how kind they are to animals and to the environment.

We grow it, process it and ferment it all here at our orchard in Levin. We do not import apples or add anything weird. It all natural and sustainably made.

Oh and because we do everything, we monitor every step in the process from tree to bottle.

We believe in natural health remedies, that promote excellent gut health.

Our natural Apple Cider Vinegar is made naturally over time and its all made here at our orchard. We want to be as sustainable as possible so thats why we encourage people to bring their own container to our orchard and fill up with Apple Cider Vinegar.

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